Creating Moral Measures

When it comes to establishing habits and routines that help you reach your dreams while also honoring your values, there is a tendency to turn them into moral measures when they should have no bearing on your virtue in the first place.  Too often, people will interpret their failure to exercise for a few days or if they eat a few unhealthy meals in a row as a behavior that makes them a "bad person." These set backs in behaviors shouldn't be compared to qualities that cause harm to others or violate pillars of your faith.

Incorrectly creating these moral measures can either tell yourself that you're a bad person or that you're a good person. Telling yourself you're a bad person can lead to depression and accelerate your decline in other habits you may be wanting to form. Telling yourself you're a good person might lead to judging other who do or don't participate in the same activities, unjustly.