Privacy Policy

Ben is my personal website and your privacy is important to me. If you are concerned about your privacy here is what you should know about the information that is collected while at

Information I Collect and How It's Used

I will only ask for your email address, name, mailing address, phone number for my personal use or for any business I conduct with you, my customers or clients. I will never sell or share any information I collect with others. I do use third party applications to communicate and store this information, but I make every effort to ensure those services match my privacy policy or exceed it. I also use third party applications to host this website and analyze the traffic, so there may be cookies set and their may be local storage used on your machine as a result, so unless I get hacked your privacy should be good, since these third parties are not malicious. Furthermore, I may advertise products and services through other third parties such as or Google Ads who may use cookies to serve targeted ads to you. 

Emails, Social Sites, and Links to other Web Sites

Any emails you receive as a result of visiting my site, will also contain the ability to unsubscribe at any time. If you visit or interact with any of the social links or comments within this site information you share is public through each of those sites - so be nice and make the world a better place. I also have a blog so I will link to other sites from time to time. Be smart and know when you have left this site and moved on to a new site. I have no control over their privacy policies. This policy only applies to

What else should you know?

I just want to have a website. This privacy policy isn't like most sites where I can give you all the details of what's stored and how and why. I've told you what I know. If this makes you uncomfortable, you should leave. Just know that I want you to stay and I have no intention of breaking your trust and I respect your privacy.